HINT 730 assignment ethics

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HINT 730

Ethical Decision Making

Due:  Day 7 of Week 5

Points:  100


Learning Outcome: Create an ethical business culture.

  1. You are to go to the following website:  http://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/site/cases.html .  
  2. On the “Filter Cases” drop down box, you are to select one case from any of the topic areas below:
  1. Access to Care/Cost Barriers
  2. Autonomy/Informed Consent
  3. Decision Making/Patient and Family Centered Care
  4. Diagnosis/Cost Effectiveness
  5. Digital Health Care/EHRs 
  6. End of Life/Refusal of Life Sustaining Treatment
  7. High Value Care/Quality Improvement
  8. Justice/Resource Allocation
  9. Social Media/Use by MDs


  1. Assume you are a member of the ethics committee.  
  2. Utilizing questions in the ethical decision making process found on page 919, Figure 28.2 of your text, discuss how you would respond if you had to determine a course of action. You can review the sample completed decision matrix provided in the weekly materials.  This should give you an idea of the things to consider as you evaluate your own case. The following are to be used as headings in your discussion.:
    1. Summary of the Case.  Provide the link to the case.
    2. What is the ethical question?
    3. What fact are known and what do you need to find out?
    4. Who are the stakeholders? (include the values, obligations, and interests of the stakeholders)
    5. What options for actions do you have?
    6. What action will you take? (You do not need to discuss HIM values unless it is indicated by the facts of the case).
    7. What justifies your choice and what values support that decision? (include any discussion of choices that cannot be justified)
    8. What prevention will be put into place so that the issue does not come up again?


    1.  Include in your discussion how the principles of ethical decision making (found on pages 910-911 of your text) factored into your decision. [altruism, autonomy, beneficence, consequentialism, deontology, egoism, least harm, utilitarianism]


  • If you do not use a matrix format for your response, please use the questions as paragraph headings.


  1. You should have at least 3 academic references for this paper, not including the case site or the textbook.  Make sure to use APA formatting.



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