Architecture Book Report

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This is a Book Report for Architecture. Please address the following:
– Identify what you have read, placing the identification at the TOP of the page,
using the format:
– Title of Book
– Author/Writer
– Publisher
– Date published.
– Also Answer these following questions:
1. What is the essential content or subject what you have read?
2.What are the principles, concepts and/or topics discussed by the author? (Note
Specific examples from throughout the book).
3. What are your thoughts concerning the authors subject matter? It should have
a clear introduction, a central discussion and a clear conclusion.
Recommended Readings:
– Towards a New Architecture, or Toward an Architecture, Le Corbusier 1922
– The Experience of Architecture, Henry Plummer, 2016
– Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture, Robert Venturi, 1966
– The Natural House, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1954
– Architecture Matters, Aaron Betsky, 2017
– Creating Sensory Spaces, The Architecture of the Invisible, Barbara Erwine, 2017
– Thinking Architecture, Peter Zumthor, 2006
– Ecological Design, Sim Van Der Ryn & Stuart Cowen 1996
– Talking Architecture, Interviews with Architects, Hanno Rauterberg, 2012
– Rural Studio, Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency, Oppenheimer Dean,
– The New Urbanism: Toward an Architecture of Community, Peter Katz, 1993
– Design Like You Give a Damn (2), Building Change from the Ground Up, Architecture for
Humanity Ed, 2006
– The Landscape Urbanism Reader, Charles Waldheim, 2006


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