Business Policy: BUSN412: Week 2: Diversity and Inclusion

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Week 2: Diversity and Inclusion

Go to the textbook at page 116 and read the strategy spotlight. A recent study by Deloitte and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative shows that, in general, Millennials see the concepts of diversity and inclusion through a vastly different lens. Millennials (born between 1977 to 1995) look at diversity as the blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a team—which is known as cognitive diversity. They use this word to describe the mix of unique traits that help to overcome challenges and attain business objectives. For Millennials, inclusion is the support for a collaborative environment, and leadership at such an organization must be transparent, communicative, and engaging. According to the study, when defining diversity, Millennials are 35% more likely to focus on unique experiences, whereas 21% of nonMillennials are more likely to focus on representation.

The study found that when asked about the business impact on diversity, Millennials are 71% more likely to focus on teamwork. In contrast, 28% of nonMillennials are more likely to focus on fairness of opportunity.

  • What do you think of the differing views of diversity here?
  • Are you aware of organizations that have exemplary (or ineffective) diversity programs? If so, what makes them successful (or unsuccessful)?
  • To keep the system relevant, P&G has instituted a global talent review. This is a process by which every country, every function, and every business is assessed for its capacity to find, develop, deploy, engage, and retain skilled people, in light of specific performance objectives. For example, if the company has stated diversity in hiring objectives, the review is used to audit diversity in hiring and promotions. (Ready, D.A. & Conger, J.A. 2007) Which worldview of diversity is P&G using with this policy? What is your view of this kind of policy?
  • For an interesting view from a German on America’s approach to diversity and an entertaining video, watch the video below. Go to 6:48 into the video and view what she says on race and ethic identity. What is your reaction to her statements? How might this relate to the study by Deloitte and the differences between Millennials focus on teamwork and older generations focus on representation?5 THINGS AMERICANS DO DIFFERENTLY THAN GERMANS – Part 2 | German Girl in America (Links to an external site.)
  • After reviewing this subject, please share your own view of diversity and inclusion and comment on some other student posts.


Ready, D.A. & Conger, J.A. 2007. Make your company a talent factory. Harvard Business Review, 85 (6): 68-77.


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