Business Policy : BUSN412

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Week 1: Strategic Management

Please read the first case in the back of the book and discuss this case and how strategy applies to it.

Case 1: Robin Hood

Case Synopsis:

Robin Hood and his Merry Men are now in trouble because wealthy travelers (their source of revenue) are avoiding the forest. As is often common in an entrepreneurial organization, the Merry Men were highly motivated by Robin Hood’s leadership. Therefore, Robin had previously relied on informal communication to organize and implement operations. Robin is pleased with the growing size and influence of his organization. However, growth has meant that specialized duties have begun taking up most of the men’s time, leaving a command vacuum between Robin and the first line recruits. In addition, they are now all located in a large encampment that can be seen for miles. This creates the probability of a surprise attack on their position. Growth has also put great pressures on resources, so now they must harvest the forest more thoroughly. Where will additional revenue come from? Rich travelers are avoiding the forest, so in desperation Robin is considering robbing the poorer travelers, which means his lieutenants must now tell their men to rob their brothers and fathers. What started as a rebellion is in danger of being routinized into banditry. Robin must begin to evaluate the Merry Men’s mission in view of the changing environment.


  • Should it still be an extension of his private grudges and aspirations?
  • Has the organization acquired a new mission? If so, what is it?
  • Who are the key stakeholders here? On whose behalf should the organization formulate its mission?


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