Busn412: Week 6: Leadership

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Week 6: Leadership

Go to Chapter 11 on page 331 and read the article titled “Learning from Mistakes.” In the article, we open the chapter with the example of Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO of Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, who was toppled from his leadership position after being accused of personal financial misconduct. View this video for an up-to-date view of his status.

Carlos Ghosn: The rise and fall of a superstar CEO | FT Film (Links to an external site.)

  • What lessons can members of a board of directors take away from the Carlos Ghosn saga? What actions can boards take to limit the chance they will face a similar scandal?
  • Review the attributes of moral leadership in Strategy Spotlight 11.3 and discuss where Nissan missed the mark and how the board can act to ensure that the firm moves appropriately in this direction.
  • Look to the discussion of integrity-based and compliance-based approaches to ethics, and discuss how the board should use each of these approaches.
  • Ethics can be defined as a system of right and wrong. Ethics assist individuals in deciding when an act is moral or immoral, socially desirable or not. There are many sources of ethics: religious beliefs, national and ethnic beliefs, community standards, family practices, educational experiences, and friends. Business ethics is the application of ethical standards to commercial enterprise. How would you apply any of the concepts on ethical leadership to this situation?
  • What sort of punishment does Carlos Ghosn deserve for his actions?


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