CAPS794 Business Integration Capstone

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Week 1: Strategic Analysis Part 1

Discussion Assignment

This assignment focuses on the following Course Learning Outcome:

From an analysis of external and internal conditions, determine a firm’s market position and business level and supporting strategies.

Assignment Details

Read the assigned chapters and the QVC case in the textbook (Case 5, Page C19)

Create a Powerpoint presentation to address the following:

  • Provide a brief History and Introduction of QVC
  • Provide a SWOT Analysis on QVC
  • In your opinion; highlight a minimum of 3 reasons why QVC has dominated the home-shopping market
  • What are the challenges that QVC currently faces & how has it confronted them so far?
  • Must include video and audio- Peer review must include one cite source.
  • Textbook concepts from Chapters 1 or 2 are required.


  • Your analysis should be based on information in the case with at least 2 secondary sources used to support your analysis.
  • Initial posting of presentation in Kaltura to include: 5-7 slides in a Powerpoint (include Video as well as audio) no longer than (5-7 minutes) due Day 4
  • Response to 2 peers (Peer responses must include one cited source)
  • 200-250 words each due Day 7 – written response, no video required.
  • Grammar free with in-text citations required
  • APA references required


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