CARD205: Week 5; Targeted Cover Letter

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Week 5; Targeted Cover Letter

The following resource is required for this assignment: Cover Letters and Professional Documents Guide (Links to an external site.).

Your Cover Letter should follow the instructions and the example on pp. 1-2 of the Cover Letters and Professional Documents Guide.pdf

The Cover Letter must do the following:

  • Be targeted to the job ad (submit full job ad, not a screenshot or a link) and align your skills to the job requirements
  • Personalize the Greeting to the recipient of the letter
  • Convey your understanding of the company’s values and goals
  • Contain appropriate content as explained in the Cover Letters and Professional Documents Guide.pdf
  • Be formatted in standard business style
  • Be free of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage errors

Submit these two Microsoft Word documents by the Sunday deadline:

  1. A current job ad with a full description of the position requirements, not a link or a screenshot, pasted into a Microsoft Word document and saved as JobAdLASTName.docx
  2. Targeted Cover Letter saved as CoverLetterLASTname.docx


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