CARD205: Week 5: Your Career Portfolio

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Week 5: Your Career Portfolio

Our discussion will extend your learning and practice of the information in the lesson about creating a career portfolio and writing targeted cover letters. We will begin with some self-reflection on making the most of your own job portfolio and then talk about best practices for effective cover letters.

Part 1: Take a moment to reflect on the many projects, certifications, courses, and teams you have been a part of. Do you have documentation of these accomplishments? A digital e-portfolio (such as your LinkedIn profile) or a physical portfolio is your chance to show off a comprehensive collection of these highlights from your life experiences. What documents from your life’s accomplishments could you add to your job portfolio?

Part 2: After you have addressed Part 1, your second post should answer this question: For cover letters, there is flexibility in style, length, and composition but what elements do you think are most important to include and why?

For your third post, please provide substantial follow-up with feedback to at least one classmate about their e-portfolio and cover letter responses.


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