COLL148: Activate Your Reading Strategies

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Week 3: Activate Your Reading Strategies

This week, you were introduced to two study strategies to help you become a more active learner: the SQ3R and 3R. Chapter 3 presents you with additional active learning strategies and tools.

Watch the Crash Course video below, where you will learn strategies to increase your reading speed and retain more of what you read.

  • Then review the many active learning strategies discussed in Chapter 3, along with the information in the Week 3 Lesson and view the videos.
  • Based on what you have learned, discuss a specific strategy you, will choose to implement to improve elements of your reading, including speed, comprehension, and retention.

    Answer the following:

    Identify and explain each strategy.

    Discuss how you will apply each strategy

    To earn full credit, be sure to post your introductory paragraph, and provide two (2) thoughtful replies to your fellow classmates, and participate on at least three (3) different days.


Reading Assignments: Crash Course Study Skills #2 (Links to an external site.)


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