COLL148: Critical Thinking About Self

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Week 7: Critical Thinking About Self

Stress is an unavoidable outcome of our busy, contemporary lives where family, work, finances, and now school place such heavy demands on our time and energy. It is safe to say that the ability to manage stress can be the determining factor in achieving long-term success and happiness. The reading this week, Chapter 7, defines stress, identifies everyday stressors, and offers coping mechanisms for mitigating stress. Before getting started in the discussion this week, take the time to explore this chapter and its brief assessments (Harrington, 2019).

Let’s use this discussion forum to explore stress in general and stressors in particular. Let’s exchange ideas on stress management techniques. Admittedly, there are things we can learn from one another in sharing our thoughts on this subject.

To earn full credit, be sure to post your introductory paragraph, to provide two (2) thoughtful replies to your fellow classmates, and to participate on at least three (3) different days.

Answer the following:

Describe how you currently manage your stress.

Then, discuss two stressors you currently experience in detail.



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