COLL148: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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Week 1: Sharpening Skills

Welcome to your first graded discussion topic! The purpose of the discussion forums is to exchange ideas and share our understanding of the concepts introduced in the assigned textbook chapters. Think of the forums as learning communities in which members can safely share their thinking with others for the purposes of further developing, refining, and sharpening ideas. Through collectively constructing knowledge and meaning in these forums, you will be developing your critical thinking skills.

Wherever you are in your education or your career path, you will benefit from the introspection you will undertake over the next eight (8) weeks as you learn to think more critically about the choices you make.

Let the journey begin!

We are learning together in the threaded discussions, please; be sure to respond to the question below and post your responses. To earn full credit, be sure to post your introductory paragraph,  and provide two (2) thoughtful replies to your fellow classmates, and participate on at least three (3) different days.

This week’s topic will be exploring how to sharpen your skills with critical thinking. Your readings from Chapter 1, Week 1 Lesson, and the videos provide insightful material that will help you contribute to your first threaded discussion post.

Answer the following:

Define critical thinking and give an example of how you will be able to advance your deep-thinking skills by using Bloom’s Taxonomy(see link below) and how this skill will benefit you in your future career?


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