COLL148: Social Media Presence

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Week 6: Social Media Presence

Being conscionable about your social media presence is essential. If you are like most students, social media is probably a vital part of your life. Employers are using social media more as part of the hiring screening process (Harrington, 2019). Being conscious of your social media footprint is being proactive with your path to success.

For your 1st post your answer to the following:

Employers do have the right to access public information about a candidate and can choose not to hire someone with questionable character or moral values (Harrington, 2019). Many employers have reported they did not hire a candidate due to content found on social media sites. See the Social Media Figure in your textbook on page 181 for social media-related reasons for not being offered employment (Harrington, 2019).

Based on the information in Chapter 6, what are some steps that you could take to ensure you have a positive social media image?

To earn full credit, be sure to post your introductory paragraph, and provide two (2) thoughtful replies to your fellow classmates, and participate on at least three (3) different days.


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