COLL148 Week 2: Goal Setting with the ABCS and CSFI

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Week 2: Goal Setting with the ABCS and CSFI

ImageThis week you have been introduced to the (College Success Factors Index) CSFI. This assessment will help you as a student to analyze patterns, behaviors, and attitudes in 10 different areas. Those areas are responsibility/control, competition, task planning, expectations, family involvement, college involvement, time management, wellness, precision, and persistence.

Each goal we set, whether it be short term, mid-range, or long-term, is impacted by the decisions we make each day.  A short-term goal may be as simple as getting your first threaded discussion post in by Wednesday; that is a short-term goal, if not met, could affect your mid-range goal of passing this course in conjunction with your long-term goal to graduate and earn your degree.

Our author continually tells us how important decisions are to meet our goals and how our goals influence our choices. With this in mind, let’s progress forward with the ABCS.

Please respond to the following. Base your responses from the readings of Chapter 2 of the textbook and the Week 2 Lesson.

To earn full credit, be sure to post your introductory paragraph, and provide two (2) thoughtful replies to your fellow classmates, and participate on at least three (3) different days.

Please respond to the following questions below:

Base your responses from the readings of Chapter 2, Week 2 Lesson, and the videos.

What is one of your personal or academic goals?

Using the ABCS approach, define how you will reach this goal?

What stood out to you the most in your CSFI assessment?


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