ENGL135: Week 2: Evaluation Peer Review – Group C

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Week 2: Evaluation Peer Review – Group C

This week, you will share your work in progress with your fellow classmates find your Peer review group assignments and provide helpful and constructive feedback to one another.

  1. In your initial response, post a rough draft of at least the first page (more if possible) of your argument evaluation essay by no later than Tuesday (5/11). Preface your rough draft with any questions you may have or the type of feedback you wish to receive.
  2. On Wednesday  (5/12), based those who have submitted their rough drafts – you will be assigned two of your group members to Peer Review.
  3. Provide feedback to the two team members in your group (Make sure everyone gets a PR) by no later than Friday (5/14) so that everyone has an opportunity to incorporate that feedback.

In each response to your peers, be sure to answer the following questions in complete sentences.  Cut and paste these questions and offer comments in full sentences.

  • Did the student remember to title the essay? If so, was the title catchy or memorable? Would you suggest any changes for the title?
  • Was there an attention-getting hook at the beginning? If so, what was it that got your attention? If not, what could the writer change to make it more attention getting?
  • Did the essay have a clear thesis? Was it stated in the first paragraph? If not, what should the writer do to make the thesis clearer?
  • Did the essay maintain your interest from beginning to end? If not, what could the writer change to make it better?
  • Was the essay clear and easy to understand? If so, what made it easy to understand? If not, what should the writer change to make it clearer?
  • What was your favorite part of the essay?
  • What one thing could the writer do to make the essay even better?

Rubric for this Peer Review Discussion:  Worth 30 points.

10 Points for Posting your Draft by Tuesday deadline – posting after will not earn full points and will not receive a Peer Review assignment.

10 Points X 2 = 20 Points for providing a Peer Review to two of your classmates – based on their submitted rough drafts.  To earn the entire 10 points for each Peer Review – each question must be addressed and comprised of a complete response to each question on this post – please offer constructive feedback and this commentary must be posted by the Friday deadline.


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