ENGL135: Week 5: Problem-Solution Peer Review

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Week 5: Problem-Solution Peer Review

In Week 2, you shared your work in progress on your evaluation essay and provided feedback to two of your fellow students. This week, you will do something similar with the problem-solution essay, but the process will be more formal, and the feedback will be more detailed.

Find your Peer Review Group and  By Wednesday, you must submit a rough draft of at least one full page or more. As a preface to your submission, tell the members of your group  about the general state of your essay so far, as well as what help you feel you need.

By Sunday, you must provide feedback to at least two of your fellow group members. Prior to providing feedback, scroll down through the list of posts and identify students who have received the least amount of feedback first. In other words, don’t provide a second round of feedback to a student until all students have received at least one round first.  I will not make Peer Review assignments – work as a group and make sure that no one is left behind.

In each feedback post, answer these questions using complete sentences.  Cut and paste these questions into your reply post.

  1. What problem has the writer identified? Do you agree that it is a significant problem?
  2. What are the causes of the problem? Has the writer identified these causes correctly? Can you think of any additional causes?
  3. What solutions has the writer considered? Are there any additional solutions you can think of?
  4. Has the writer identified the best possible solution? Why, or why not?
  5. What is the writer’s call to action? Were you persuaded by it?


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