ENGL135: Week 7: Problem-Solution Presentation

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For this week’s assignment, you will create a presentation of about seven to eight slides, accompanied by audio 7–8 minutes in length, based on the problem-solution essay you submitted last week. How you create the presentation and audio accompaniment are up to you—today’s technology offers many options. The simplest, however, may be to create the presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and the audio accompaniment using the recording function within PowerPoint. This week’s lesson and assigned readings will help you to create a high-impact, visually appealing, and professional presentation.

Conceptually, your presentation is a high-level, interactive version of your problem-solution essay that you have been working on for the last few weeks. The goal of your presentation is to both inform the audience of the problem you’ve identified and persuade them to support your solution.

Here is a sample organizational structure.

  • First Slide: Title, your name, topic, course, and date
  • Second Slide: Introduction—In the introduction, you might discuss why you chose your topic and why you think it is important. Provide a clear thesis statement.
  • Third and Fourth Slides: Problem Analysis—What is causing the problem? Is it getting worse? What will happen if we fail to act?
  • Fifth and Sixth Slides: Solutions—Discuss a range of possible solutions. Select the best one and convince your audience it is the best choice.
  • Seventh Slide: Conclusion—Provide a recap of your argument and make a final call to action.
  • Eighth Slide: References—Remember to include references for all cited material and images used.

Presentations must include the following elements.

  • Thesis statement
  • Clear and distinguishable main points with developed analysis
  • Examples of research with documented sources in APA format
  • Images or multimedia with APA citations
  • Professional and well designed slides
  • Correct use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation


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