Environmental Hydrology

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ESSH 2240 – Environmental Hydrology
Research Report Guidelines
Introduction: The purpose of this assignment is to increase the student’s knowledge
about a particular aspect of hydrology and to practice their technical writing skills. The
research report due date is identified on the course syllabus. IF YOU HAVE ANY
Research reports submitted in other courses are not acceptable.
Topic: There are a wide range of topics in the field of hydrology to research and write on.
Do not select a topic that is covered in the lectures or the textbook unless you research
and describe that topic in much more detail!!! Please choose a current research report
topic – it is preferred that the majority of your resources should be published within the
last ten (10) years. It is highly recommended that you get your research topic
approved by the instructor.
Resources: A minimum of three references are required. It is strongly suggested that
the majority of the research report content is obtained from periodical articles. It is also
suggested that you perform some research before selecting your research report topic.
There are several locations that you can research your paper including the Magazine and
Periodical Section of the Columbus State Library (Columbus Hall), the Columbus Public
Library, and the State of Ohio Library. There are many sources available on the Internet,
but if you use electronic sources the information must be obtained from reliable and
mostly objective websites (i.e., typically governmental or educational web sites).
Most standard news magazines (e.g. Time, Newsweek, etc.) or newspaper articles are
NOT acceptable as primary references. Textbooks and other reference books may be
acceptable references, but should not serve as the primary source of information. It is
strongly advised that you do not use only Internet-based resources in writing your
research paper.
Format: The paper’s length will be four (minimum) to seven (maximum) full typewritten
pages excluding the title, figures and reference pages. There should be a minimum of
1200 words in the body of the report (about 300 words per page.) The document will be
double spaced with one (1) inch margins, top, sides and bottom, excluding page number.
The page number will be centered at the bottom of each sheet. The use of figures in your
report is encouraged. Be sure the figures are properly cited and identified in the text of
the report. Please submit the report stapled; folders or binding is not necessary. It is
acceptable for the report to be printed on both sides of the page.
A suggested general format for your research report can reflect the following:
Introduction (one or two paragraphs describing the topic)
Detailed Text (the body of the text that details the subject in several pages)
Case Study (or Studies) (if available, describe one or two case studies)
Conclusions (one or two paragraphs identifying conclusions of the report)
Figures and Appendix (if appropriate)
Reference page (mandatory, using a standard format)
The first page will have the following information centered at the top (no need for a
separate title page)


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