FINC765 Money and Banking: Current Event Assignment

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Fed discussion of interest rates, the economy and inflation

On March 2021, Fed held an event that discussed the rates of interest, inflation and the overall economy. The anticipations for economic growth were ramped up by Fed as it also indicated that it doesn’t anticipate any rise in interest rate for the coming two years. Committee members for Fed’s open market (FOMC) made projections for


Current Event Assessment: (Graduate Specific Assignment.)- Current event needs to have taken place no earlier than 6 month  prior to the start of our class .

The current event assessments are due as stated in the schedule.  All responses should meet professional standards.  No grade will be given to the student until the paper has been submitted in Turnitin.   In content, punctuation/writing style, and APA guidelines for citation of sources and should run 500 words; a minimum of 3 reference sources outside of the textbook are required.  Also: please no Investopedia, wiki of any sorts or similar popular sites as research.


You may pick one of the following topics for each assignment

  1. Analyzing liquidity using the cash conversion cycle.
  2. Three common currency-adjustment pitfalls.
  3. How to manage Fluctuations in Foreign Currency Rates
  4. The current Federal Reserve Federal Fund Rate Position.
  5. The program of QE-3.
  6. The central bank in the payment system
  7. Factors impacting recent trends in capital markets
  8. Trends in the global financial markets
  9. Inflation, deflation, negative interest rates.
  10. Perils and benefits of having the dollar as the main reserve currency of the world.


Current Event Assessments will use the following rubric. 50 Points Each.


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