HCMG630 Assignment: IHI Advanced Case Study (Part 1) – Carla’s Story

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Assignment: IHI Advanced Case Study (Part 1) – Carla’s Story

Written Assignment Click for more options Weekly Learning Objectives: 

• Compare the differing types of organizations, services, and personnel and their interrelationships across the healthcare delivery system.

• Provide recommendations for improvement to the health care system that the patient encountered.  

Read through the case study on Carla. Review and complete Part 1 the assignment instructions provided below. You will be put into pairs for Part 2 of the assignment. Your instructor will post the pair assignments. Depending on the number of students in the class, there may be 3 students in a group.


Assignment: IHI Advanced Case Study (Part 1) – Carla’s Story

You are to read through the case study provided under supplemental readings in the weekly materials.  Become familiar with the case.  

Part 1:  Due Day 7 of Week 1 (100 points) Each student will complete this part of the assignment on their own. 

  1. Create a flow chart/diagram outlining the major steps in Carla’s care.  Include in the flow chart the points of care (outpatient, inpatient, rehab, etc.), as well as the members of the healthcare team that interacted with Carla.  
  2. You will need to write out the various touchpoints that Carla had with the healthcare system.
    1. Include 
      1. Day of occurrence
      2. Points of care
      3. Member of team
  3. Use Microsoft Excel to create the flowchart. Here is a tutorial on using Excel to create a flow chart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cig2tPzarfk&vl=en You can use another program to create the flowchart if you prefer as long as the instructor can open and view it.
  4. Submit the Excel file by Day 7 of Week 1.

Part 2:  Due Day 7 of Week 2  (150 points)  You will work in pairs for Part 2 of this assignment. (Depending on the number of students in the class, this is subject to change.  Your instructor will let you know.)

  1. You can meet with each other in Blackboard Collaborate or a Google hangout so that you can both work on the file at the same time and share your thoughts.  I would recommend that you save your document in Google Docs so that you can see and track any changes, corrections, or additions that you have made.
  2. You have been told that you must report to the Board of Trustees on this case.  Create a report that identifies the following:
  • Barriers/Breakdowns
  • What barriers did Carla face during her care?  Include economic, personal, social, and health system barriers.
  • In what ways did the healthcare system fail Carla?
  • Interprofessional Team
  • What other members of the health care team should have been part of the delivery of care that were not included or consulted?  At what point should they have been brought into the case?  How would their input have improved the care of the patient?
  • Other Modalities of Care
  • Are they any modalities of care, such as telemedicine that could have been utilized to improve the patient’s outcomes?
  • Recommended Change
    1. Identify 3 major changes that the health system should implement in order to prevent a situation like this from occurring again.  Include your rationale for the change and any challenges that administration might face when implementing the change.
  1. You are to use APA formatting and academic/scholarly resources for this part of the assignment.




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