Hint730: legal aspects and compliance

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Weekly Learning Objectives:

Develop an infographic that can be utilized in training

Evaluate an existing policy on information blocking


As a provision of the CURES Act, hospitals were required to meet the requirements of the final rule for “Information Blocking” in November 2020.

Part 1

You are the Director of the HIM department at your facility.  You don’t feel that there is a good understanding of the intent of the Information Blocking Rules and the ways in which employees at any level can jeopardize compliance with these rules.  For Part 1 of this assignment, you are to create an Infographic that will be used to provide in-service training to your institution.  The information should include the players affected by the ruling, a summary of the Rule, what information must be provided to those who have legitimate access, and what the exceptions are.

There are numerous sites that give you examples of infographics as well as providing some free templates.  The style is entirely up to you, but remember that this will be going out to your institution so the template you use should be professional.  There are also sites that show you how to create the infographics in PowerPoint.  Here are some links to get you started:

You must provide at least 3 outside sources related to the information on your infographic  (not blogs, or .com sites).

70 points


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