Hint730 legal aspects and compliance

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Part 2

You are to find an existing healthcare policy from a healthcare institution on information blocking.  It could be from your place of employment, or one that you find on the web.

Evaluate the policy based on the legislation and answer the following.

  1. What strikes you as good about the policy?  This could range from the way in which it is structured, how accessible it is, the educational level of the way in which it is worded, etc.  Include a link to the policy.
  2. Based on your research of the legislation, what are three recommendations you would make regarding the content of the policy?  What is your rationale for these recommendations?  Recommendations and rationale should be more than a couple of sentences.
  3. For two of the exceptions, provide a real-world example that would illustrate how the exception would be authorized.  This scenario must be at least 2 paragraphs in length.


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