HIST 2112 – The History of the United States since 1877 (Online)

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Pick an event/person discussed in Chapters 26 or 27 that is especially interesting to you and: a) explain the event/person, b) its historical significance, and c) why it interests you. Make sure to review and use the primary source documents in “Sources of Freedom” for both chapters.


Answer the prompt in a minimum of (3) 5-sentence paragraphs.

Use at least (2) primary sources from Chapter 26 and 27’s “Sources of Freedom” located in the Unit 6 module.

To receive full credit you must directly/explicitly reference the sources. You can do this through reference, such as: “Rachael Carson wrote that ‘<quote.>'” or through parenthetical citation at the end of a quote or a reference to the work.

It is important that you engage the sources you reference, rather than just sticking them into a general response to the prompt. Show that you have put thought into your post and your use of the sources.

Posts that do not adequately reference (2) primary sources will not receive a grade higher than a ‘D’.

In addition to engaging (2) primary sources, you must include at least (3) concrete specific examples (from the sources or from the textbook). Concrete specific examples are defined as the names of people, places, things, ideas, or events.

Use proper grammar and conventions of writing. Posts that are full of grammar issues and other errors will receive a lower grade. I recommend writing your post in MSWORD, using spell check, proofreading, and then posting it into D2L.

Keep your posts civil and respectful towards your fellow classmates.

Remember, minimum responses generally earn an average grade of a ‘C’. Good or great responses go well-beyond minimum requirements and show careful thought and consideration.

Response Directions:

After you have written your initial post, respond to (1) of your classmates’ post. Find the post of a fellow student that chose a different person/event from you, and reflect on why that person/event is interesting or important. Importantly, make sure to add something *NEW* to the discussion. Posts that are simply vague, general, or congratulatory will receive a ‘F’.

Your response post should be a minimum of 5 sentences.

Your response should include at least (1) specific example.

Your response should reference at least (1) primary source from the chapter source list.

Your response should be civil and friendly.


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