HRM340: Case Scenario: Fictitious Business Description. STAGE 1: Project Document – Part 2

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STAGE 1: Project Document – Part 2 (to stay on track, this part should be completed by Week 5)

Continuing your document, provide a detailed description of the HRIS application(s) chosen for the business. What type of HRIS might create a more efficient process for the HR function chosen? This is not a copy/paste of information from a vendor website, but an analysis and business plan to share with your customer. As the owner of your own HR consulting firm, continue your paper, including the following sub-headings, which are denoted below. This part should be about 1-2 pages.

HRIS TYPE: Now that you’ve conducted some research in the previous assignment, you should have a good foundation to take the next step in your business plan. You should have a good review of the scenario and have conducted some research on HRIS systems, and now your next step is to choose a type of HRIS. Share the type of system you plan to implement to help your customer. This must be substantiated in this paper to your customer from a theoretical perspective.

HRIS VENDOR CHOICE: Now that you have an HRIS type chosen, you need to conduct research to find an HRIS vendor. You want to do a compare and contrast in this section of at least two vendors. Then, choose a vendor. Explain why you chose this vendor over another/others. Include the Web address and proper citations for the vendor applications compared. You must have theory to support your decision.

You must include at least 3 more references and citations for this project part.


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