HRM340: HR Technology Case Scenario: Two-Stage Project

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STAGE 1: Project Document – Part 3 (the complete document must be completed by Week 7)

  • At this point of the project, you have identified the problem and a technology solution for the business. Now, you want the business to accept the idea.
  • Using your text, the previous project parts and the business plan template (see Doc Sharing), write a business plan, to give your customer, that details the risks, assumptions, impact, and so on of the proposed implementation of the HRIS.
  • This is the final part of the project so keep in mind; the entire project must be a professional document, one that you would present to Jay Morgan and his customer leadership team.
  • See the Business Plan Template in Doc Sharing for details of each section required, in this part of the project.
  • This project part is stand-alone and simply added to the end (remember to use the business plan template). Parts 1 and 2 of your project provided the raw data. In Part 3, you are simply finalizing and summarizing. You are applying critical thinking skills to the data you collected in Parts 1 and 2.


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