HRM340: STAGE 2: Multimedia PowerPoint Presentation

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Castle’s Family Restaurant has eight restaurants in the northern California area with approximately 350 employees. Most of the employees are part time, with approximately 40% of them full time. The operations manager, Jay Morgan, also acts as the HR manager and travels to each location each week to take care of scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions for the employees as needed. He also takes care of payroll using an Excel spreadsheet and has a computer application to print payroll checks. Mr. Morgan approaches you, an HR consultant, for a proposal. Due to the increase in gasoline costs, he would like to greatly reduce his travel time for visiting each location each week and wonders if there is anything you can suggest to him to help him complete his HR tasks in a cost-effective manner. He hopes there is some way he can do part of his HR tasks from his office instead of traveling to each location.


STAGE 2: Multimedia PowerPoint Presentation (Due Week 8, by the established deadline)

  • After completing the final written project and submitting it in the assignment area, you are to record a 6-10 minute audio Powerpoint and submit it in the Week 8 assignment area.
  • Your presentation must include from 8-10 slides, not including the title slide. Simply summarize your findings and recommendations in the presentation.
  • Be sure your slides are clean and easy to read and be sure to use the 7 X 7 RULE for your slides. Slides should never be too wordy.
  • Rehearse your presentation and make sure that your voice can be heard clearly in the recording. Speaking loudly and clearly is extremely important. Have fun!



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