HRM410: Competencies and Job Requirements

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Week 3: Competencies and Job Requirements

The analysis of work for staffing requires attention to both person/organization and person/job matches. Staffing specialists and HR executives can put these pieces together by becoming knowledgeable about both top-­down (competency) and bottom-­up (job requirements) methods of analyzing work. Consider an organization that you have some familiarity with. Further, review the organization’s strategic goals, mission, and cultural profile. Evaluate the following questions and further discuss with your class colleagues.

How does competency modeling give additional insight above and beyond job requirements information?

How would you use this information for developing recruiting, selection, and retention strategies?

Why is the above important to consider and discuss?

After making your first post, engage with your colleagues about their ideas.


Adapted from: Judge, T. A. & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D. (2022) Staffing Organizations (10th ed.). McGraw-Hall: to an external site.


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