HRM420 Week 1: Introductions and Strategic Training and Development

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Start your first post this week by sharing a brief background on yourself that includes a reference to a specific upcoming topic in the course that you feel aligns well with your career aspirations, then we’ll discuss strategic training and development initiatives.

This week, we’re learning about employee development efforts and the importance of aligning those efforts with a company’s vision and mission. This discussion thread will explore the core competencies of training and development required for the alignment of a company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts with the company’s vision and mission.

The example we’ll use is Fermilab, the United States’ particle physics laboratory, which is managed by Fermi Research Alliance LLC (FRA) for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science. FRA is a member of the Universities Research Association Inc., a consortium of 89 research universities around the world, and collaborates with over 50 countries on physics experiments based in the United States and abroad. So, the Fermilab’s 1,750 employees work in a diverse multicultural and multifunctional environment.

To prepare for posting your initial response to this discussion, first read Fermilab’s vision and mission.

Our vision is to solve the mysteries of matter, energy, space, and time for the benefit of all. We strive to:

  • lead the world in neutrino science with particle accelerators
  • lead the nation in the development of particle colliders and their use for scientific discovery
  • advance particle physics through measurements of the cosmos

Our mission is to drive discovery by:

  • building and operating world-leading accelerator and detector facilities
  • performing pioneering research with national and global partners
  • developing new technologies for science that support U.S. industrial competitiveness (Fermilab, n.d.)

Next, read the excerpts below from Fermilab’s Diversity and Inclusion web page.

Laboratory statement of diversity – Fermilab develops, implements, and maintains purposeful and intentional strategic initiatives to support a respectful organizational culture and intellectually diverse workplace. Our workforce and community collaborations advance the laboratory’s mission and accountability to welcome and excite diverse national and global talent. Our hallmarks include sharing knowledge, strengthening professional networks, and assuring equity and inclusion for each member of the lab community.

Our goal is to provide an environment where we leverage the best local, national, and international talent to contribute to our research and our innovations.

A workplace culture of inclusion:

  • promotes a cohesive environment which positively impacts productivity, morale, and innovation
  • fosters respect and values each employee’s contributions
  • welcomes the experiences, perspectives, and strengths of a diverse workforce to drive teamwork, innovation, critical analysis and creativity

“At Fermilab we strive for excellence in our scientific research, research collaborations, user experience and workforce teams. Diversity of thought, culture and human identity accelerate the laboratory’s research excellence.” —Nigel Lockyer, director (Fermilab, n.d.)

Finally, read the 2022 news update below, highlighting the efforts and accomplishments of Fermilab’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (EDIT).

“Part of the focus of the cross-functional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force team has been to understand existing lab policies and practices. Under the guidance of Chief Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Sandra Charles and in collaboration with the Senior Leadership EDI Council, the team’s roughly 20 members hold biweekly meetings to look into emerging issues and monitor progress being made on the lab’s EDI priorities.”

“EDIT members have done a great job bringing a critical eye and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom to our EDI efforts,” Charles said. “They have served as change agents at every level, and their work demonstrates how accountability for equity, diversity and inclusion is the responsibility of everyone and not just one department or function.”

An initial win of the task force was reinforcing the lab’s EDI commitment in job postings and job descriptions. The updated and expanded listing of protected classes reinforces the need to maintain an inclusive and respectful workplace at the lab.

The Fermilab EDIT team has five areas of focus.

  1. Accountability and Communication
  2. Professional Development
  3. Career Progression
  4. Outreach/Engagement
  5. Recruitment (Houston, 2022)

In your first response to this discussion, explain whether you believe Fermilab’s DEI efforts are in alignment with the lab’s vision and mission. If yes, describe that alignment and cite evidence from what you have read above. If not, explain how the lab has been able to make measurable progress on its DEI efforts (e.g., job postings) if DEI is not aligned with Fermilab’s vision and mission.


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Remember to post your first discussion response by Wednesday and post at least 2 additional times throughout the week.


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