LAS432: Week 2: Course Project – Ethical SWOT Analysis

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This week, you will complete an ethical SWOT analysis of the technology you have selected for your Course Project. In industry, a SWOT analysis is used to create a structured assessment of a business plan, opportunity, or action. By considering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, a SWOT analysis is an effective tool to summarize and assess products, services, and actions. Not only does a SWOT analysis help you understand the context of a particular action or problem, but it will also set the stage for action and goal planning.

For this assignment, you will use this SWOT Analysis TemplateLinks to an external site. to complete your analysis. Answer each question in two to three well developed, complete sentences. The goal is to develop a detailed analysis of your technology to ensure you are producing a strong assessment.

As part of your analysis, you will evaluate the following (remember to use the template provided above).


  • What are the advantages of the technology?
  • How will it positively impact culture and society?
  • What are other potential gains?


  • What features of the technology may hinder success?
  • What are the limitations of the technology?
  • How does the technology address issues of equity?


  • What are external factors that may contribute to the success of the technology?
  • What social, political, and/or cultural trends may influence reception?
  • What are the opportunities for growth?


  • What external factors may pose a threat to the success or adoption of the technology?
  • What social, political, and/or cultural trends may influence reception?
  • What are potential hurdles to growth?

A successful assignment will

Use the provided template and include all four areas of the SWOT analysis; be one to two pages in length; be composed using Microsoft Word and using 12-point Times New Roman; and format and cite sources using the seventh edition of APA.

Don’t forget to submit your assignment for grading.


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