LEGL710 Ethical/Legal Framework 21st Century

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Week 7: Application of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Assignment: Blog #3



Weekly Learning Objectives:

  • Learner will apply various models of business ethics to a real life scenario.
  • Learner will analyze how corporate social responsibility relates to a real life scenario.



Using the Blog Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, complete the following:


Several years ago, cooking magnate Martha Stewart spent time in prison for the crime of insider trading.

  • What is insider trading, and why is it a crime?
  • Some have argued recently that insider trading should be legalized. Find and summarize a recent article that addresses this issue.
  • Do you agree with the author’s position? Why or why not?


  1. Use the same blog you created and used in Weeks 3 & 5.
  2. Post a new blog entry to the blog you created that addresses the information above.
  3. In the Blackboard Discussion Boards>Week 7: Blog #3, create a thread titled with your first and last name, and post the link to your blog by Day 3.
  4. Select a blog of one of your peers to review. Post your response to the Discussion Board thread (not the actual blog) by Day 5.



Support your thoughts using a minimum of two academic, peer-reviewed sources (outside the textbook). Websites such as Wikipedia, LegalZoom, LegalMatch, Nolo, etc. do NOT count as academic sources. A good place to start is the Davenport University Library. Substantial blog entries should contain at least 1200 words. Peer response blog comments should contain at least 350 words.


Blog Rubric

Original blog entry due by Day 3, 11:59pm ET. Blog peer response due by Day 5, 11:59pm ET.

Submit the link to your blog post to the Discussion Boards via the left-hand menu



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