LEGL710 Ethical/Legal Framework 21st Century

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Week 2: Contract Formation and the Role of 3rd Parties in Contractual Relationships

Assignment: Video Journal


Video Journal Click for more options
Weekly Learning Objective: Learner will discuss the elements necessary to form a binding contract.

Using the Video Journal Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, complete a face-visible video using the Kaltura multimedia
recording software based on the following:

Your textbook states that, as a general rule, an agreement without consideration will not be an enforceable contract, because
consideration is so important as the binding element within a contractual relationship. Research and explain why this is so. In so doing,
define and discuss the concept of consideration, including within your discussion the distinction between adequacy of consideration and
sufficiency of consideration. 

Video Requirements:
Using the following tutorials to set up, use and submit your video recording. Record a minimum of a 5-minute face-visible video addressing
the information above. 

 Video Tutorial Part I
 Video Tutorial Part II
 Video Tutorial Part III
 Video Tutorial Part IV
Video Recording Best Practices  

Tip for Submission: Under Assignment Submission, click the submission link for your assignment. Select  Submission>Mashups>Kaltura Media. 
It will open My Media. Select the recorded video you wish to submit.

Video Journal Rubric
Due by Day 5, 11:59pm ET.
Submit in Assignments via the left-hand navigation menu.


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