LEGL710 Ethical/Legal Framework 21st Century

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Week 3: Assignment to Third Parties; Remedies Following Breach of Contract; and Requirements and Warranty Provisions in a Sales Contract

Assignment: Case Analysis Topic Proposal

Assignment: Case Analysis Topic Proposal

Weekly Learning Objective: Learner will apply various models of business ethics to a real life scenario.


Using the Case Analysis Proposal Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, complete the following:

Throughout the course, you will be tasked with researching and writing a paper on an ethical or financial scandal of your choice. You are encouraged to select a case you find interesting or one that is relevant to your current profession. It is generally more enjoyable and thus successful when you focus on research for a topic you personally find interesting and relevant to you. You will complete three assignments

for the Case Analysis beginning with the proposal this week.

  • Due this week: Case Analysis Topic Proposal
  • Due Week 5: Case Analysis Topic Paper Outline
  • Due Week 7: Case Analysis Topic Paper

For this week’s assignment, you will research and identify a recent lawsuit, legal news story, or article using an Internet or DU Library search centering on a case dealing with an ethical or financial scandal (think violation of Sarbanes-Oxley). News-feed websites such as MSN or CNN, or search engines such as Yahoo or Google may be useful. Major publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc are available through the DU Library. To complete the case analysis, you should research the assigned topic to provide a measure of information about the topic’s significance to the current business environment.

Your final Case Analysis Topic Paper will contain the following sections (access Week 7 for more information about each section):

  • Overview/Summary
  • Opinion/Legal Analysis
  • Relevance to Business Environment


Directions for Submission

Your proposal should be 2 pages in length (not including title and reference pages), and highlight the reason for the case selected, as well as the scope and purpose of the paper. As a minimum, you should use, cite, and reference at least 5 scholarly references for the paper. You will receive feedback on your proposal to help you focus in on an appropriate topic and ensure you are not taking on a focus area that is too broad or narrow in scope before moving on to the outline stage in Week 5. Your proposal should follow all APA formatting guidelines and should also demonstrate college level writing.

Case Analysis Proposal Rubric

Due by Day 7, 11:59pm ET.

Submit in Assignments via the left-hand navigation menu.


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