LEGL710 Ethical/Legal Framework 21st Century

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Week 4: Tort Law, Product Liability and Consumer Protection

Assignment: Video Journal

Weekly Learning Objective: Learner will discuss the elements necessary to form a binding contract.


Using the Video Journal Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, complete a face-visible video using the Kaltura multimediarecording software based on the following:


Carefully read case #8 under “Cases for Analysis” in your textbook (page 439) and thoroughly discuss the question at the end of the case.


Video Requirements:

Using the following tutorials to set up, use and submit your video recording. Record a minimum of a 5-minute face-visible video addressing

the information above.


  • Video Tutorial Part I
  • Video Tutorial Part II
  • Video Tutorial Part III
  • Video Tutorial Part IV


  • Video Recording Best Practices


Tip for Submission: Under Assignment Submission, click the submission link for your assignment. Select  Submission>Mashups>Kaltura Media.

It will open My Media. Select the recorded video you wish to submit.



Video Journal Rubric

Due by Day 5, 11:59pm ET.

Submit in Assignments via the left-hand navigation menu.


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