Managerial Accounting ACCT 640

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Group Project

The Group Project is the Appaloosa County Daycare Center. This case is to be discussed and collaboration work is to be done together with your group.  Try to collaborate as much as possible in the GROUP section of Blackboard so that I can gauge each member’s involvement and contribution to the group.

Your own individual contribution will be evaluated and on-going collaboration work should continue until the paper is complete.  Your group’s final paper will be submitted in BB and your own individual reflection paper will be submitted in Blackboard.


Paper #1: Group paper (80 points)

  • Discussion and explanation, together as a group, of question #7: 20 points
  • Entire group’s recommendations and paper: 40 points based on viable, well thought-through improvements with good details, 1) showing the recommendations decided on together as a group; 2) explaining how to implement; and 3) the potential results for each.
  • Well written and organized paper (APA format with title and references pages): 20 points

There must be as many recommendations as you have group members.  The entire group must work together to generate and agree on the best recommendations for the case study, but then each member can work on their own recommendation.  Try to identify short-term and long-term recommendations.  Cannot use a simple “increase rental rates.”   Please make sure it is group collaboration on the entire project, assign roles as necessary. (group paper minimum 3 full typed pages)


Paper #2: Individual Reflection Paper (40 points)

Explain how you perceived your group worked together to accomplish this project.  Explain how you contributed to your group.  Explain how you came up with your answers/comments/thoughts for questions #7 & #8.  What was your role?  How did you fulfill your role? Be very specific and detailed and try to focus on facts, rather than feelings. (Individual paper minimum 1 full typed pages)


Individual Points for group project (70 points)

  • Individual contribution to your group completed: 10 points
  • Involvement with your group: 20 points based on your activity level, which will be measured by the number of postings and the number of days that those postings are spread out over time
  • Contribution to your group: 20 points based on your own individual contribution in creating an understanding of the background and relevant information to be considered, as well as helping to create appropriate responses to questions 7 and 8
  • Recommendation details you worked on: 20 points



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