Principles of Biology I Section A Fall 2021 CO

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Instructions for Lab 1

  • Open the link and read about primary sources of information and secondary sources of information in scientific publications in Lab 1 folder
  • Choose a primary source of scientific literature from the research articles provided in Lab 1 folder in D2L. State two reasons that supports this choice as primary source. Science is always based on evidence so this is a practice of this process.

Instructions for Lab 1  continued

  • For the primary source of scientific research identify the following items in the publication:
  • Title of research
  • Authors who did the work
  • Journal name and date the primary source of research was published
  • Abstract – Copy first sentence of abstract from publication
  • Introduction – Copy last sentence of introduction
  • Materials and methods – state the first method and copy the first sentence of this method
  • Describe what was analyzed in Figure 1 – May copy the first sentence in figure legend (figure explanation) or use your own words to explain
  • Discussion – copy first sentence of discussion
  • Reference – copy last reference in research article
  • Acknowledgements – copy first sentence if present in research article
  • Explain two things present in a primary source of published research and are absent in secondary source of research


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