Principles of Biology

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Lab 2 Analysis of news article on published research and analysis of the scientific method

Lab 2 Instructions:

Complete the steps in sequence shown below.

  1. View the video in the lab 2 folder in D2L on scientific method by Bozeman Science.
  2. Read the SciTechDaily news article on research done at the University of Michigan that follow the instructions.

News releases are written for the general public and summarize scientific research published in peer reviewed science journals. This type of news is to inform everyone about work that accomplished by a lab of scientists. It is a way to publicize the achievements of the institution in a way that is readily understandable.

  1. Answer the questions I-VII about the news article and submit your answers to Assignment Lab 2 in D2L by August 25, 11PM. Lab 2 report should be typed in Microsoft word and uploaded to Assignment Lab 2 as word document or pdf.

Lab 2 report will be graded based on the following criteria: all questions are answered, and questions are answered accurately will generally receive high grade. Students may revise their Lab 2 report one time based on instructors’ feedback and re-upload revised work. Instructor will then review revised work and provide a revised grade.


News article reading questions:

  1. Citations of published research includes the title of the research, authors who contributed to the research, name of journal research was published in, month and year research published in journal.

State this citation for the new study described in this news release. You do not need to format this information in a specific citation format.

  1. Define terms: phenology, morphology, and climate change and cite your sources.

III. State the hypothesis the scientists were examining in the new study research cited in question I above.

  1. Explain the findings of this research from the new study in your own words and do not quote the news article. Limit the findings to new study only rather than the study published in 2020.
  1. Explain what was measured in this new study and state the number of birds and number of species examined.
  1. In your opinion, does the new study findings appear to be convincing? Explain your ideas formed by this reading.

VII. Do the authors have more research to do based on the results they found in this new study? Explain what they may investigate next to better understand phenological changes and morphological changes in birds affecting their migration.


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