Public Speaking SPCH275: Week 4 Outline

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Week 4: Informative Speech Preparation Outline

Complete a preparation outline for your Week 5 Informative Speech. This outline is designed to help you structure and detail your speech and prepare for delivery. Be sure to consider key ideas from the lesson and the reading as you plan your speech: selecting a topic you are enthused and knowledgeable about, creating a solid thesis statement, conducting thorough credible research, and so forth. Your topic should be strictly informative, where you are providing information to your audience while remaining objective. This is not the speech to take a stance or insert your opinions. (You’ll get an opportunity to do that later.)

For this assignment, you will be using the Week 4 Preparation Outline Links to an external site..

For examples of preparation outlines for the Informative Speech, see the Example of Informative Speech Preparation Outline documents in the Files section of our course.

Based on your research on your topic from a minimum of 3 scholarly sources, include three in-text citations from these sources within the body of the outline. The last page of the outline should be a References page listing sources cited in the outline. Make sure your in-text citations and references are in APA seventh edition format.

Submit your Informative Speech Preparation Outline as a Microsoft Word document (not a PDF or MAC .pages file) by the Sunday deadline.

Be sure to submit by the due date.


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