Public Speaking SPCH275: Week 6 Discussion

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Week 6: Conducting Research and Preparing Your Persuasive Speech Outline and Visuals

Let’s share your Persuasive Speech topics and your preparation progress here. For your outline, follow the SPCH275 Speech Preparation Outline Template in the Files section.

Respond to the following questions.

  1. What is your specific purpose and your thesis statement for your Persuasive Speech?
  2. What are some sources of research you will use in your Persuasive Speech Preparation Outline that you can also cite orally in your speech? Your research should include a minimum of three to five academic peer-reviewed articles or books from scholarly sources.
  3. What challenges are you running into as you prepare your visuals for your Persuasive Speech this week? How is it going overall? Have you worked with creating a narrated PowerPoint plus webcam before? What help do you need?

Optional: If you would like peer feedback to last week’s Informative Speech, please share your recording here and classmates will respond for one of their peer responses.


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