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Week 7: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Hashtag Case Study

As social media engagement among youth continues to rise, everyone is becoming increasingly exposed to and involved in hashtag campaigns related to themes of identity, diversity, justice, and social action. For example, #BlackLivesMatter has sparked international conversation and action around racial justice, antiblackness, and police brutality. Although some have critiqued the cons or limits of digital activism, others emphasize that it can be effective in spreading awareness, influencing action, and providing people with access to representation and information.

For this discussion, identify any hashtag campaign connected to race, ethnicity, and gender issues and answer the following questions.

  • Name the campaign.
  • What is the purpose of this campaign?
  • Who seems to be the intended audience for this campaign?
  • Why is this campaign important?
  • Why did you choose this campaign to discuss?
  • Are you currently connected to this campaign? Explain how.
  • If you are not connected to this campaign, do you think you will connect or play an active role in the future in this campaign?
  • How might this campaign influence people’s thoughts or actions in real life?


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