SPCH275 Public Speaking: Week 2 Discussion

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Week 2: Informative Speech Preparation: Topic Selection and Outlining

This week’s chapter readings, lesson, and this discussion begin to lay the foundation for the 3- to 5-minute Informative Speech that you will be giving in Week 5. The purpose of the Informative Speech is to inform the audience about [fill in your topic]. Please share your topic ideas for your speech. Why did you choose this topic? Is it something that you already know about or something that you want to know more about?

Show how you would begin to organize the information about your topic into a Preparation Outline (as explained and illustrated in Chapter 11) using complete sentences.

My specific purpose is to inform the audience about _____. (Example: To inform the audience about secondhand smoke)

The central idea (thesis statement) that I will be talking about is _____. (Example: Secondhand smoke is harmful to our health.)

I.  Main point

A.  Subpoint
B.  Subpoint

II.  Main Point

A. Subpoint
B. Subpoint

Ask your peers for feedback. As you read and discuss each other’s topics and outlines, apply what you are learning about selecting a topic and a purpose (from Chapter 5) and the guidelines for identifying the main points in the outline (Chapter 1


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