Week 2: Strategic Analysis Part 2

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Robin Hood Analysis

This assignment is based upon the Robin Hood Case Study found in the textbook (Case 1, Page C1).  Be sure read and review the text chapters assigned for this week, any resource materials and your own research on stakeholders, mission, vision and strategic goals.

Robin Hood Analysis Assignment Details

This is an analysis of the Band of Merry Men as an organization, including its existing values, culture, and influential stakeholders.  At the conclusion of your analysis you are to recommend to the organization a Mission, Vision, an two (2) Strategic Goals for organization going forward. Be sure you support your analysis and recommendations with documented research.

Document Sections:

  • Subject and Purpose of the Paper  – Brief ( I paragraph only) introduction of the Band of Merry Men and a description of the purpose of the paper
  • What problems does Robin Hood have? What issues need to be addressed?
  • Develop a SWOT Analysis for Robin Hood and his merry men.
  • What strategic options (opportunities) does Robin Hood have? Is continuing with the present strategy an option or is the present strategy obsolete?
  • What action plan would you recommend to Robin? How should Robin implement the recommended plan? What action steps will need to be taken to make the recommended strategy work successfully?


Analysis should be 3-4 pages not including title or reference pages

Include headers for each of the required sections

Written in “third person”

APA Guidelines for in-text citations and reference list

Error-free Grammar

Minimum of two (2) outside references

Due Day 7

CAPS794 Written Work Rubric 


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