Week 3: Strategy Formulation Part 1

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Porters Five Forces

Presentation Click for more options Learning Outcome:

From an analysis of a firm’s external and internal conditions, determine a firm’s market position and business level and supporting strategies 

Presentation Content:

Your presentation is based on your evaluation of Porter’s Five Forces for the industry and company where you are currently employed. Consider your audience

to be the Executive Team of the organization that has asked you to determine market position and strategy recommendations for your firm.

  • A Power Point presentation MUST also be included in conjunction with your Video (You MUST appear in the video)
  • A brief overview of the organization and the industry
  •  Analysis of each of the 5 Forces and their impact on the organization’s strategy.
  • At least four External sources are expected for Porter’s Five Forces
  • All sources have to be cited and referenced
  •  Recommendations for two (2) changes in strategy that would provide a stronger position for the company within the industry
  •  5-7 minutes in length. Penalty for going beyond 7 minutes.
  • Upload recording to Assignments Link.
  • Threat Level (high, medium, low) needs to be identified for ALL Five of Porter’s Forces

* Click the submission link for your assignment. Select Write Submission>Mashups>Kaltura Media. It will open up My Media. Select the recorded video you wish to submit.


Note: Please use the Kaltura multimedia recording platform that is incorporated within Blackboard to record your presentation. The following video tutorials will assist you with setting up, using, and submitting your video assignment. Please post in the Discussion Board help section, contact your instructor directly, or contact Student Technical Support if you need further assistance with this tool.

• Video Tutorial Part I

• Video Tutorial Part II

• Video Tutorial Part III

• Video Tutorial Part IV

Due Day 7

Submit your presentation via the left-hand navigation menu.


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