Week 4: Entrepreneurial Strategy and Competitive Dynamics

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Week 4: Entrepreneurial Strategy and Competitive Dynamics

Frida (Links to an external site.) offers a range of products that are designed to make awkward, difficult, and unpleasant childcare moments easier. The firm’s founder, Chelsea Hirschhorn, found inspiration in difficult parenting moments. For example, the challenge of brushing a toddler’s teeth led her to design a wraparound toothbrush that makes the task easier. The firm offers over a dozen products that aim to make it easier to handle unpleasant baby care tasks. By focusing on this specific market, the firm believes it can produce products that meet parents’ needs better than larger personal care product manufacturers that serve a broad range of customers.

Frida Mom—A labor of love (Links to an external site.)

Its products include the following.

  • NoseFrida: a device to suck out mucous from baby’s nostrils
  • MediFrida: a combination syringe and pacifier that makes giving liquid medicines easier
  • NailFrida: a nail clipper designed to make clipping a baby’s nails easier
  • DermaFrida: a bath brush to keep a baby’s skin smooth and itch-free

The firm’s products meet a focused market need and are now carried at over 18,000 Targets. Fridababy is one of Amazon’s top baby care brands.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a focus strategy?


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