Week 5: Compensation of Human Resources – Part 1

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Discussion Board: Case Study B – Part 3

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Learning Outcome: Evaluate the merits of key functional areas of human resources' such as organizational 
development,  succession and workforce planning, strategic staffing, diversity training, cultural change, and 
rewards and recognition redesign. 

Using the Discussion Board Rubric listed below for the specific grading criteria, develop an original response to
the following:

In the Discussion Boards over the past two weeks you located a total of 6 articles supporting both the employer's
employee's point of view in response to the Ted Talk video. This week, write a reflection on your personal position
using your articles previously researched to support your position.  
Develop a well thought-out original response to the questions with a minimum of 350 words and referencing a 
minimum of two academic sources (outside of the textbook) to support your answer. Each peer response should 
be a minimum of 100 words.

Discussion Board Rubric


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